Catching Up (Why Do I Do This To Myself?)

Unannounced hiatus over! If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you just deal with my unexpected bouts of flightiness, but… I don’t know, if any of you were like, “WHERE IS VULPI’S BIYUUDEN POST?!”: um, sorry?

The two reasons for my existence as a Hello! Project fan? Yes.

In particular, I really wish I could just pull it together and write a big post about them and their disbanding. Part of my brain is still refusing to believe it, even though I saw it coming from a mile away, because I adored them. I know I’m the only person that’s reacted like this, but to be honest, they were my girls. Performances like this are, I think, what I’m going to miss the most; that, and the amazingly talented Miyoshi Erika, who we may not see for a long time. I’m getting really mushy and weird here already, but she is the only idol that has ever affected me on a personal level: I want to be like her when I’m older. I want to be that gorgeous, that together, to have her kind of nonchalant attitude and dry wit. Hell, I even cut my hair to be more like her, and I don’t pull that kind of shit. She was the essence of a graceful lady and a grown adult in the idol world for me, and for someone as unready to become that as myself, I honestly can’t look up to someone who gets their “cute” vote from being super youthful and completely irresponsible (sorry, Sayu! it just doesn’t work in the real world!). She was refreshing to me — I’ll really miss her.

And yes, her performance of 22sai no Watashi kills me for exactly all of the reasons listed above. But enough about me and my strangely emotional reactions towards a unit that was basically the Hello! Project embodiment of “tits or GTFO”!

Buono!. Believe it or not, they have earned my love. Renai Rider is wonderful; it manages to be the perfect throwback to golden era Morning Musume while still keeping the group’s own distinct image intact. Tsunku himself hasn’t been able to do this in a long time, which is really unfortunate, as this song didn’t involve him at all. Moving on, it’s also a big improvement since Honto no Jibun, which I’ve already expressed my distaste for. The song holds my interest and doesn’t make me feel like I’m a child. Athena to Robikerottsu, however, is doing that part quite well! Blech. Get out of my sight.

Berryz Koubou. Not feeling the love for Dschinghis Khan quite yet. I’m feeling the love for the song, definitely, and the arrangement is spot-on (welcome back, DANCE☆MAN!). But I don’t get any kind of wacky, fun vibe from it at all. Everyone just takes their lines so seriously. It’s too bad.

However. The full tracklist is out, and the B-side, Darling I Love You (Berryz Koubou Ver.), is nothing I can seem to track down in Hello! Project’s discography. Do you know the artist of a song I did find by that name, though?


Yep. David Hasselhoff. Oh, we’re going there, bitches! I, however, am a firm believer that I Wanna Love You Tender should have been the B-side. It’s perfect! Can’t you just envision Miyabi doing the girl’s parts? I THOUGHT SO.

Cute. Just so you know, I am so done with the hyphen and whatnot. It all bothers the hell out of me. The real news: La La La Shiawase no Uta was released as a radio rip today, and… and I like it! Well, it’s Hirata Shouichirou. I would totally be his crazy groupie, given the chance. The song itself was absolutely not my cup of tea when I heard it at Kouhaku, but with all the excess noise and voices out of the picture, I’m very happy with it now. I’m praying that Hirata keeps working with the girls, because, since Tokaikko Junjou? They’re perfect together.

Miley Cyrus?!. It’s true! I can’t get See You Again out of my head. Also, I’m hooked on her slutty MySpace antics. I love an amusing celebrity! Anyway, shit, the whole blogosphere is probably going to lynch me. My best friend Leslie said, “Oh, she’s just being Miiiiillley~”

Watch, I’m going to have missed something. ASKLDHGS kill me now. I’ll never go on hiatus again…!

February 3, 2008. ℃-ute, Berryz Koubou, Biyuuden, Buono!, Miyoshi Erika. 2 comments.

If I Were An Asshat, I’d Say UFA Reads My Blog

You know, I woke up today and realized that I had completely neglected Buono! in my last post. I don’t really think that badly of them: to be kind, Honto no Jibun is kind of crap, but I like the vocal combination of Airi, Miyabi, and Momoko, and I’m very into Renai Rider, from the radio preview I’ve heard. They’re more in the “doing it right” camp of Hello! Project’s anime endeavors, at least.

However, ambling over to the computer, what is this I see? That single I just trashed will, apparently, be getting a US release!

But wait a minute. Source? My kingdom for a source? … Didn’t think so. Currently, Lurking In The Shadows has the most reliable information, and while we may get other details as more people pick up on this (I haven’t been looking around for other related posts), I don’t quite buy it — not yet. And, as well, I don’t see why it’s the big deal that people are making it out to be.

January 10, 2008. Buono!. 3 comments.

Vulpi Loves Something New, Probably Unfair Comparisons Abound

This took a lot longer than I would’ve liked, and I imagine everyone forgot about that little “More details at 11:00!” message I left in my last post, so here’s the context:

But I’ve been dabbling in some beautiful music recently (I’ll document that in the next post!), and it’s so frustrating to amble back here, see a raving and entirely serious post about how Hello! Project is epic greatness, questioning, “Why have more people not fallen for these talented girls’ charms?!”

Looking back at it now: Wow, what a glaring grammatical mistake. How did I miss that? Eh, I was tired. Our topic today is I’ve Sound! The discussion at hand…

Anime Music & How to Do It Better Than Hello! Project

Everyone got that? Okay, take notes; there’ll be a test.

January 9, 2008. Hello! Project, I've Sound. 7 comments.

They’re Idols, Not Musical Legends

Or: I Kind Of Wish I Could Get Excited Like This About Idols Again

This has been weighing on my mind a lot lately, and I’ve given it some thought. Probably not enough to even make a dent in the issue, but I’m gonna try! The “issue,” frankly, is the over-praise of Hello! Project. … I know this is mostly only coming from one person (hey, Radicalpatriot!), but it still bothered me. :(

Morning Musume is excellent. Hearing them for the first time, I was entranced: it was so unlike anything I’d ever seen or heard before. However, that “seen,” when I got down to it, really came first. So, so many girls. Wow. And when you get used to that, and the poppy music, and the silly costumes, and everything that Hello! Project is made of, you just see more of the same. Because while we saw something unique and interesting, maybe even downright amazing, Japan thought, “Eh, they’re still holding up after ten years?” and continues to sigh as they see more and more cute, energetic girl groups try to sell.

January 4, 2008. Hello! Project. 12 comments.

Spring Cleaning Without The Spring!

I cleaned up a little; deleted some entries and made some pages (one of which is for organizing the entries I kept; the other is the standard “about” page). Yeah, I get weird about the new year. The important part, though, is that the sidebar isn’t so very long anymore! You could get lost in there. …However, there were no bodies. Rejoice.

Um, that’s it. Regular posts soon… later… whenever.

January 2, 2008. Misc.. Leave a comment.

My Life Is Brilliant

It all started with a discussion on how Risako and Miyabi should fuck off!

Yoshimi: God, Maa needs a PB.
Vulpi: I would stand outside Maasa’s window and sing You’re Beautiful. Trufax.

Thus, Sudou Maasa Mini-Pic Spam: The Musical was born. And it was a clear sign that I should’ve gone to bed hours ago.


December 6, 2007. Sudou Maasa. 4 comments.

Idol-ing 101

Because some don’t seem to know how.

Okay, this is going to be a mad hatefest on AKB48’s Kasai Tomomi. I don’t really want to tear her to shreds because I’m sure she’s a good person (and I definitely don’t want her rabid fans coming after me), but I need to get it out of my system before I track the girl down and personally punch her in the stomach. You can also take this as an introduction to some of the more awesome stage performances. Some of which Kasai has murdered.

AN INTRODUCTION: Kasai Tomomi. Fifteen years old. Sole hobby is “going to the movies with her mother.” God, look at what a woobie this girl is! The worst part is that she is exactly one day older than me. One day. And she acts like this, all miserable and whiny and “plz love me!!!!!” ALL THE TIME. This fact pretty much makes me want to slap her the most out of everything.

but then, edited for the lulz! I saw the Boku no Taiyou PV. “Kasai in twintails?” I said to myself. (Fetish central!) “Do I have to like her now?” Silence. “Well, up to #46 she goes, then.”


August 10, 2007. Kasai Tomomi. 4 comments.

There Are No Words

I have made an epic observation.

Okay, so at pretty much all idol concerts, there will be the obligatory photos on sale. AKB48 is no different! And it kind of pains me to think of how many tables photo sets for forty-eight girls must occupy. But anyway, I’ve noticed something odd about AKB48’s photos, in comparison to their “rival” group, Hello! Project’s: The quality.

I don’t mean the quality of the photos themselves (though whoever their photographers are, they need to be fired, regardless), I mean how they fare once they’ve been bought. In all the scans I’ve seen of H!P’s photos, they’ve been in perfect, pristine condition. AKB48’s, on the other hand, are always all beaten up. Damn, treat the ladies nicely.

This one, though, completely takes the cake.

I brightened the image, obviously, but just pay attention to the circled part. Um… What exactly is that? D: I know Sato Natsuki is hot shit, but please wait until after you’ve scanned it, thanks. I don’t want to see that. Even poor Nacchi is looking at the mess in disgust. (Actually, that’s more like her sexy face, but work with me.)

I just wanted to make some icons. ;_;

July 23, 2007. Sato Natsuki. 5 comments.

Erena Develops Boobs, I Curse the U-15 Industry

Okay, I hate to be the “Won’t someone please think of children?” asshat, because… come on. I’m in AKB48 territory now, and we all know what that entails. And all young idols… grow… I suppose.


What’s that supposed to be, anyway? Loli cleavage? Is Up to Boy trying to chronicle her adventures in puberty?! I NEED ANSWERS D:

YEAH. Please, no more of that business.

July 15, 2007. Ono Erena. 5 comments.

And the Celebrations Continue!

MICHISHIGE SAYUMI. Look what you’ve done to me.

Purchases: Sayu’s upcoming Love-Hello! DVD and that Hello Hello! thing with the sixth generation from, like, 2003. Collectively, I will call them… SAYU THEN AND NOW!

Saving grace: A five dollar coupon I got from my last Play-Asia order. … I still went over by fifteen dollars.

All idols besides Sayu, please do not expect me to do this for you every year, thanks. Sayu, singing horrors aside, you are a beautiful goddess and totally deserve to have eighty dollars spent on you every time your birthday rolls around.


July 14, 2007. Michishige Sayumi. 1 comment.